About Us

About Us

CHANCHAL - Bringing Art to Life
How it all began

After a decade of working for corporates and heading business units, my long-cherished dream of being an entrepreneur could not wait any longer. Athough fighting the inertia—of a rewarding job, regular pay check and established credentials—was not easy. 

Being an admirer of traditional art and textiles, the idea to develop an enterprise around Indian traditional art forms took over in 2014. I started traveling and engaging with the artisan and weavers communities in the eastern and southern parts of India. When I started meeting people, I realised how bad the conditions are for artists and weavers working in the hinterlands. Some of the heritage arts were already lost. Many weavers had stopped weaving, artists were struggling to make ends meet and were looking for other work streams; they no longer wanted to pass these heritage forms to their children. The need to revive some of the dying heritage art forms and sustaining them to next generation grew stronger in me. 

Two catalytic thoughts behind CHANCHAL are – ‘creating shared value’ and ‘promoting traditional Indian art forms’. Today it is extremely gratifying to see that we are able to create opportunities and employment for these artists/weaving communities.


Chanchal – Bringing Art to Life 

At CHANCHAL, we explore the rich heritage of Indian Art & Craft and create product lines that are rooted in India’s local culture yet contemporary. Breaking away from the obsession for standardization and perfection, we intend to bring the uniqueness, beauty and perspective of the "Imperfect" through our products. We work with artists and craftsmen across the length and breadth of India to bring forth their art forms, craftsmanship and unique perspective.

We aim to bridge the gap between current generation's preferences and age old heritage forms by bringing in context of modern India without diluting the core of traditional art/craft/textile. 

Each artifact is one of its kind—a little different, a little imperfect and unique.

Our Objective 

  • Promoting traditional art and craft; and bringing genuine art forms to our customers in form of various products & accessories
  • Empowering grass-root level workforce including artisans, weavers and -craftsmen by working with them directly and removing the intermediaries
  • Using environment friendly techniques and processes and with almost negligible carbon footprint