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Hand-block Printing Vs Screen Printing

To delve a little deeper into it we went to visit a nearby screen printing unit.


We were astonished to see the speed of these units and the amount of fabric which can be printed in a day was 5-6 times more than hand-block printing. 


Although for mass production work, this could be a solution, but it kills the spirit of traditional handmade process. And the final output is available for a lot more cheaper price which increases the competition for artisan community. No way they can compete with the production level and reduced prices, hence in a long run this certainly will be a factor to demotivate hand-block artisans to do what they love doing. 


All this work was done in less than 30 mins (while we were there). 


A message from our hand-block artisan team to all our customers ~  “We can not compete with them. But this will never be same as what we do. Hope people can see the difference and appreciate the traditional method.”

With the hope in their hearts our artisan team keeps doing the gorgeous work of block-printing and we will keep doing our bit! 


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