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Madhubani in Making

We started the work based on our main theme and came up with multiple sub themes. Jyoti was not looking for a traditional Madhubani with mythological pictures and rituals. So we came up with the idea of presenting Life in a Village on the canvas. And made our fist layer of drawing. After finalising everything the work of painting the Canvas began.
First Drawing
I and our artist ~ Mithilesh Jha ~ who is also an award winner in Madhubani Art ~ discussed every color and detailing and after a painstaking work of 2 months he created this master piece. 

There was a specific focus on using the right colors and murals to go with the theme, without losing the traditional Madhubani style. Here are the sub-themes represented in the painting.
  • A beautiful village with trees, cattles grazing and peacock
  • A village hut surrounded by greens 
  • Women of the village doing various chores
  • Ladies of a house playing with a kid
  • And a school where kids are studying 
Final Painting

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