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My Visit to Kanchipuram

While i was exploring the place, I happened to find a small weaving unit where some of the villagers work together. I met Koteeswaran who was weaving a gorgeous Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Sari. It was a small room with just two looms. Some old movie was playing on a small black& white television which he could not see behind the loom but served as a a good companion. 

The loom was traditional ~ huge and complex where every step required precision. However his actions were effortless He knew every rhythm of the loom and his hands were moving swiftly weaving layer by layer. The colours and pattern started to come out after sometime. 
He told me that it takes him a 2-3 weeks to finish one sari, where everyday he works tirelessly for 7-8 hours. In a month he usually finishes 1 sari only. 
Some may take more time or less than this depending on the pattern and intricacy of the design. He told me that his family has been doing this for years and years; and he has been making the same traditional pattern saris for last 40 years in different colors as the demand is still high.
I was in awe of the work and the amount of hard work that goes into each piece. The silk and zari was shining gorgeously. And i knew why we women just LOVE Kanchipuram saris. A must have for our wardrobes :)

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