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Chanchal At Sunday Soul Sante

When Chanchal was started last year we had an aim ~ to give contemporary look to traditional Art and Textiles of India. As we are treading this path we face many ups and downs. One major challenge we face is awareness among general public about the most intricate weaves and exquisite art forms (Paintings to embroideries).

For us every flea/exhibition is an opportunity to spread awareness about Art & Textiles. We take these opportunities very seriously. On our stalls, we put little danglers with trivia on what we do, hence create an atmosphere which can be a conversation starter. People who visit our stall read these which gives us an opportunity to further explain. We speak with everyone who visits our stall and share the process of particular Art/textile creation. The idea is not to make a customer, the idea is to share our heritage. Heritage which we have been losing over time. Most of the people who have visited have been extremely patient and they have been generous too by sharing this information further.

This Sunday we saw many of our old customers coming back to us and bringing more people with them who believe in what we do!

~This Sunday we had our first customer who bought her first "No Leather" bag. We could not have started with a better note.

~We also had a visitor who have just completed her study of how bag making industry is adding on to the woes of pollution by using more material which are not bio-degradable. And the increase in the use of leather bags. She loved what we do and we loved what she had to share. :)
She became our new happy customer.

~One of our previous customer visited the Sante from kilometers away. She had come specially to check out our new collection :). This time she came with her parents who had reached Bangalore just few hours back. They also wanted to see why their daughter keeps mentioning about Chanchal.

There are many many such stories that we experience on every day basis. We see this is a wave ~ a wave of change, a wave of hope! And this wave

 be very powerful! :) :)

(Chanchal At Sunday Soul Sante)

~ Chanchal

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