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  • Five Tips To Mindfully Work From Home Amidst The Corona Virus Outbreak

    From creating a routine, to cutting people some slack, these five work from home tips will help you stay calmer, more focused, and be more effectiv...
  • Know your Bag

    Know your Bag!

    Have you sometimes struggled to choose a bag for yourself? Not sure which bag will go with what attire and for what occasion? If yes, then you will surely find a lot of help in this blog.

    Here are some of the bags which are versatile and functional yet extremely elegant. In past 3 years I have created my own version of these bags keeping in mind the everyday needs as well as for special occasions.

  • Let's discuss Sustainable Fashion

    Recently, we have been hearing about the term Sustainable Fashion and Vegan Fashion. The concept has been there for some time but the awareness is increasing now a days. So I thought let us all share what these terms mean to all of us as some one who either works in the industry or is a consumer. 
  • We are turning 3!!

    We are usually asked ~ 'Why don't you make Leather bags'?. Our answer to that is ~ We believe in Art and the power of its Heritage & Culture. We will never use animal skin. Ever.
  • Madhubani in Making

    Jyoti was re-doing her house in Bangalore and wanted a Madhubani painting to adorn her drawing room wall. After multiple calls and detailed discussions on phone to understand her requirement, I visited to see her house. Construction was on and some parts were yet to be finished, however the drawing room was ready. My initial thoughts were, if we should do the panting on the wall directly or shall we consider a canvas such as fabric/hand-made paper.

  • Stories across India ~ Odisha

    It is a long post - but we request you all to be with us. We want to share this story with you all and thank you all!!!
  • Hand-block Printing Vs Screen Printing

    Screen Printing

    While we were in Bagru our artisan team shared their worries about competition from Screen printing process. For last few years, screen printing process is being used for every type of block printing work ranging from Machilipatnam Kalamkari to Dabu. It is a faster way of block printing where big screen mesh are used in with screen frames. A screen is made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame. A stencil is made by blocking off parts of the screen, forming the negative image of the design to be printed. 


  • Hand-block printing ~ beautiful work from Bagru, Rajasthan (Part III)

    Continuing from our last blog in the series of Hand-block printing from Rajasthan


    Indigo process follows the Dabu printing. Dabu printed area acts like a resistant for Indigo dye. The process starts after the first layer of Dabu printing is done and the fabric has dried up. Indigo powder is mixed up in deep bore wells. The fabric is then dipped in this water.

  • Hand-block printing ~ beautiful work from Bagru, Rajasthan (Part II)

    Dabu Printing

    A lot of people would not know a very interesting fact about Dabu Printings. This very gorgeous block printing is done using black earth mixed with tree gum and a powder from wheat grains. There is no color so the earthen brown we see is the actual color of earth. The mixture is applied on the fabric (which is usually cream or white) using various wooden blocks. The artisan pats the wood block dipped in the mixture with utmost precision. 

  • Hand-block printing ~ beautiful work from Bagru, Rajasthan (Part I)

    Bagru is a village near Jaipur. This village is known for its hand-block printing, Dabu Printing and Indigo. This January we took a tour to this small village to see our team of artisans making these beautiful block print fabric. Let me take you through our journey of Bagru and the beautiful work of Block Printing.

  • Our Experience at Kitsch Mandi!

    Continuing some of the beautiful experiences we have, here are some from Kitsch Mandi!
  • Expressions of Bihar - 24 Feb - 02 Mar 2017

    I am usually asked by people – so how do you partner with Artists & Weavers, where do you find them. My answer to them is – I search, I explore, I travel, I ask, I seek and that’s how I find.

    In response to my answer, a lot of people have shown strong interest in going to these hidden villages, meeting these artists/weavers personally and seeing their work.