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Stories across India ~ Odisha

Few weeks back, I received a call from Bishnu (he is one of the Master Craftsman and a Painter who works with us and makes beautiful Pattachitra Paintings and lovely Dokra jewelry). He sounded a little tensed but was as usual calm. He requested me to transfer some funds to his account urgently which he would compensate in lieu of work in coming weeks. I have known Bishnu for more than 2 years and know he is a man of principals. I assured him he will get the funds in an hour.

The next day I again received a call from him and he thanked me for transferring the money. He was calling from Puri (the closest city from his village). I knew he goes there to courier his work. There is a DTDC office which helps him in sending his courier. However, this time he was not there to courier. He was calling me from a hospital where he had got his daughter for a treatment. He told me his 2 years old daughter had poked her own eye. It was red for past few days. Since there are no good hospitals near his village, the only place he could get the eye checked was in Puri. So after waiting for few days he hesitatingly had called me a day before.

He kept the phone down after thanking me multiple times and on the other side of the phone I was trying to be brave and hold my tears, and assured him that he can call me anytime if he needs anything - just about anything.
For next few days I called him every alternate day to check about his daughter's health. Now she is absolutely fine and is back home.
My hands are shivering while I am penning this note down. I am happy and sad at the same time. But I know this is not something which I can keep to myself.

Bishnu with his daughter


The reason I wanted to share this story was to THANK ALL OF YOU who have made it possible for us to support these brilliantly talented artists/craftsmen/weavers. I wanted to let you all know that you guys have made a difference to some ones life. And that we could not do all of this without the support and patronage that we receive from you all.

~ Chanchal Badsiwal


One of Bishnu's creation ~ Dokra Jewelry

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