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Kalamkari Paintings

Kalamkari - Kalam (Pen) + Kari (Craftsmanship)

An art form that uses bamboo pen and natural colors to create intricate designs on cotton or silk fabric.



Currently prevalent in India and Iran, Kalamkari originated 3000 years ago in SriKalahasti and Machilipatnam (Andra Pradesh). 


Interesting Myths/Facts

When artists and musicians in ancient India took to depicting stories rather than narrating them, Kalamkari was born. From Village to village, they created canvas paintings of stories from Hindu mythology, using locally available plants and minerals.

Sri Kalahasti nurtured free style hand painting of Gods, scenes and images from Hindu mythology. Machilipatnam Kalamkari prospered under Mughal patronage and used carved wooden blocks for outlines and pen to draw finer details to create motifs and imagery of Persian influence.

Karrupur, a third form of Kalamkari emerged in Tanjavur region during the Maratha rule, where Kalamkari was used to further embellish brocade work on woven fabric.


Kalamkari for you

We bring to you Kalamkari Dupattas, Bed Linen and furnishings from renowned artisans around India - combining the pleasure of owning an intricate ancient art with privilege of experiencing its grace like royalty.

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