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Madhubani Paintings

About Madhubani

Madhubani (or Mithila Paintings) is an ancient art form of Bihar and some neighboring villages of Nepal


In folklore, Madhubani dates back to Ram -Sita Kalyanam (marriage). King Janak commissioned artists to create paintings for the divine wedding and create murals on the palace walls. It has been a tradition ever since. Women decorate their huts with these beautiful paintings on festivals and important functions.


Interesting Facts/Myths

Madhubani paintings sprung back into prominence during 1934 earth quake in Bihar—when a British officer took notice. In 1960 after a severe draught, the art form was transmitted on paper. The revived art served (and continues to serve) as a source of livelihood and hope for the artists.

Japan has a Mithila museum with around 850 paintings


The craft

Natural colors made of plants, fruits and vegetables are used for paper paintings. Bamboo twigs, match-sticks are still used to paint on paper


Prominent Artists

Late Padmshree Sita Devi, Late Padmashree Jagdamba devi, Late Padmashree Ganga Devi, Late Padmashree Mahasundari Devi, Late Chano Devi, Shilpa Guru Bauwa Devi, Godavri Dutt, Pawan Jha, Mithilesh Kumar Jha and Prabhat Kumar Jha

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