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Pattachitra Paintings

About Pattachitra



Pattachitra, traditional paintings from Odisha, is a combination of two Sanskrit words – ‘Patta’ means cloth and ‘Chitra’ means picture.





It dates back to the time of construction of Lord Jagannath’s



Temple in 12th Century A.D.




Interesting Myths/Facts



Pattachitra paintings were originally substitutes for worship on days when the main temple doors were shut for the 'ritual bath‘ of the deity. The ritual continues even today.



Raghurajpur, a village in Odisha, is particularly famous for this unique art and has been declared as a ‘Heritage Village’ by the Indian Govt, where about 120 families are devoted to this art form.




The Craft



A canvas for painting is prepared by coating the cotton cloth with a mixture of chalk and gum made from tamarind seeds. After which the Chitrakaar (artist) paints the canvas with vegetable and stone colors.



Would love to know if any of you own a Pattachita Painting…

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